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Aetiv Monetise your creativity.

Cover image of Aetiv, Creative, media and entertainment venture on VC4A

The African creative market has seen a big rise in the last few years due to the increase in social media usage, internet availability and cheaper smartphone. Approximately less than 5% of these creatives make enough money from their content and this is the problem we want to solve. Aetiv is a one-stop platform that offers content creators a platform to increase their revenue and tools to manage their creative career as a business. Creatives can publish their free and exclusive content on Aetiv while their fans pay them via monthly subscription. On aetiv, you get to connect with your fans and also sell your products both digital and physical directly to them.

From photographers to podcasters, the platform offers features that help to increase your revenue stream. A photographer has the opportunity to give masterclasses as well as sell preset, prints, wallpapers and photography books on the platform. The content creators take 85% of their monthly income.

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, E-commerce
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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