A-Trader Africa's Number One Trading Solution

Millions of Africans are financially excluded, living without formal financial access or its derived benefits, and facing numerous barriers to accessing financial services, including high minimum balance requirements, low levels of financial literacy, and lack of physical access to savings and investment opportunities. As a result our ability to increase our prosperity is restricted, preventing Africans from effectively saving for and investing in our family’s futures.

A-Trader is a platform that provides access to both savings and investment mechanisms for the unbanked, allowing them to invest small amounts of money using their feature or smart mobile phones, in structured and easy to understand financial instruments through the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange, and eventually any Stock Exchange in Africa, and providing steady returns on those savings while building the capacity of the local population to generate passive income, and plant the seeds of a savings and investment cul

Secteurs Renseignements artificiels, Services financiers, Gestion des investissements
Emplacement Dar es Salaam, Tanzanie
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