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9to5Living Your one stop platform for info on career fulfilment

Cover image of 9to5Living, Consulting and business development venture on VC4A

9to5Living is an online platform that provides various services to 9to5ers. Below are the listed services offered by 9to5Living;
1. Training: One of the services offered by 9to5Living is training, we intend to sign various training centers identified in Nigeria(for starters, then later globally) on our platform and pitch our platform to various large corporates and individual 9to5ers looking to expand there knowledge, we have began talks with Philps Consulting, DBrownConsulting and Lagos Business School
2. Mentorship; We understand how difficult it can be to get mentors in one exact field, at 9to5Living, we ensure every millennial and GenZ in all fields and professions have a mentor they can reach out to for advice and mentorship
3. Networking; We hope to organize mixers quarterly for people to network and know each other

Sectors Consulting and business development, Diversified services, HR and recruitment
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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