Ideation & Incubation for Young Startups


Dec 18
Ventures Platform FoundationFoundation / Non-profit
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AgriLab is focused on enabling AgriTech Entrepreneurs to succeed.

AgriLab aims to enable young Nigerians to turn their startup ideas into full-fledged business models ready for investment.

AgriLab focuses on the agritech sector, an area where Ireland is a world leader and in which Nigeria needs to develop in order to diversify its economy and meet the demands of a fast-growing population.

The program is a partnership between Embassy of Ireland, Nigeria and Ventures Platform, an Abuja based technology hub that incubates and supports start-ups through its curated office space, investment fund, and Not-for-Profit arm.

Why you should apply to AgriLab

  1. 3-Day Ideation Workshop and Bootcamp – Selected startups get to learn the requisite knowledge needed to be accepted into the Incubation Program.
  2. Incubation – Participants will be exposed to workshops, mentorship and office spaces.
  3. Seed Capital –Participants get to receive $2,000 in seed capital.
  4. A Trip to Ireland –The winning team will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Ireland to meet and network with potential business partners and state agencies.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • You are a Nigerian with a business idea in the agritech space that clearly identifies the problem it solves.
  • You have a sustainable and scalable business model.
  • You are resident in Nigeria
  • You are between the ages of 18 – 35
  • You are available to participate in the entire program if selected
  • You are able to travel to Ireland for a business visit as part of this program
  • You have a valid International Passport for the duration of the trip.
  • Team Capabilities
  • Agribusiness is Tech-enabled
  • A completed application form

Program Timeline

  1. Call for Applications: 18th November 2019 – 18th December 2019
  2. Selection: 10th December 2019 – 12th December 2019
  3. Opening Event:27th January 2020
  4. 3 Day Ideation Workshop: 28th January 2020 – 30th January 2020
  5. 3 Month Incubation Program: 10th February 2020 – 10th April 2020
  6. Visit to Ireland:July, 2020