Workshop To Create African Game-Changing Entrepreneurs

(The Most Intense Workshop To Revamp Your Thinking-Foundation & Entire Core)

International Collaboration To Create Entrepreneurial Game-Changers For Africa (The Most Intense Workshop To Revamp Your Thinking-Foundation & Entire Core)

the fastest, most direct, and most powerful way to cultivate a game-changing business in any industry by seeing and thinking like history’s greatest thinkers via deceptively-simple, non-clinical, non-medical drills based on Psychological Strategy and The System of Interconnectivity.
This is an in-depth, cognitively-taxing workshop not for the typical entrepreneur, i.e. any entrepreneur simply desiring to be “very good”. It is only for those needing to be at the front of thought and action; to be Captains-Of-Industry, as it is composed of extremely advanced concepts, yet delivered simply for immediate understanding and implementation so to create step-change in any arena, regardless of one’s background, business, or goals.

After this workshop you will never see your business, others, yourself, Africa, and the world the same.


  • The start of a vision and mindset, thinking-foundation, that sees as history’s greatest thinkers saw (i.e. thru distracting and superficial variables of issues, opportunities, systems, people, and yourself) so you can start strategizing in ways never before possible.
  • The start of a game-changer ability to help your business thrive while most are trying to survive in today’s world atmosphere.
  • The start of an ability that elevates you in every aspect of your personal/professional life, so you can Pay-It-Forward and be a catalyst for stimulating your circles, your neighborhood, and the African economy.


  • Cognitive abilities of entrepreneurs, history’s greatest thinkers, and yourself.
  • Divorcing from yourself to analyze your thinking.
  • The commonality that turns people into history’s greatest thinkers.
  • Examples of game-changers using this kind of thinking.
  • Using “Holistic Vision” to see the furthest, widest, and deepest angles to decrease, halt, and reverse business issues.
  • Using “Psychological Strategy” and “The System of Interconnectivity” to revamp your thinking-foundation and entire core so to maximize systems.
  • Cultivating a perpetual atmosphere of novel-idea generation and perpetual-learning for your business, family, self, and Africa.
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Jul 5, 2022: 16:00 - 18:00
Organizer Ventures Park
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Targets Africa
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