VC4A Venture Showcase Latam 2023

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In 2022, startups founded by Latinas obtained less than 1% of venture capital available in Latin America. Lack of networks, knowledge, access to capital, and high-value markets further broaden these gaps. In the effort to turn the tide, VC4A proposes to launch the Venture Showcase – Women Founder Edition.

We are looking for up to 10 innovative, high-growth, female-led startups to present to the global network of impact investors focused on Latin America.

  • Are you operating in LatAm and/or in the Caribbean?
  • Are you tech-enabled?
  • Does your company have a social and/or environmental impact?
  • Does your company have at least one woman in a management or C-suite position?
  • Are you raising Seed or Series A capital?

This is the opportunity you are looking for!

As part of the program, startups gain visibility among a select network of investors and interviews. The leading funds and angel groups are engaged every step of the way, from referring the companies into the program, screening and evaluating the applications, engaging with the founders through technical support sessions and one-on-one mentorship, and taking further steps in their investment process through participation in the DealRoom.

From 2017 to 2022, VC4A selected +100 startups as part of 8 Venture Showcases in Africa and Latin America, resulting in a series of Series A deals totaling $800M. Our efforts have also been recognised globally, VC4A has received the IFC ScaleX award for supporting women-led startups and the World Bank’s ‘President’s Award for Excellence’.

Building on this track record, VC4A is opening a new call focused on the Latin American region and welcomes fast-growing startups with clear impact potential that are in the process of scaling their operations in the region.

This is an exclusive opportunity to present your startup to major investors with great interest in investing in the best talent in the region. The program differentiates itself with its ‘investor-driven approach’ and works with leaders across the VC industry to identify the most investor-ready Seed and Series A deals.

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VC4A Venture Showcase Latam 2023

VC4A Venture Showcase Latam 2023


July 8, 2024
Program dates Nov 1 - Dec 17, 2023
Organizer VC4A Venture Showcase Latam
Website Visit website
Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
Sectors Sector agnostic

For entrepreneurs

The VC4A Venture Showcase creates the platform for early-stage startups to rapidly progress into high-impact, expanding and scalable companies. We offer participants a unique networking opportunity and introduction to the main funds and investors in the region.

What we offer

  • Mentorship and technical support by partner VC investors;
  • Being recognized as an up and coming startup in the 2023-2024 VC4A Venture Showcase;
  • Inclusion in the VC4A Venture Showcase dealbook, shared with the VC4A early stage investors Network;
  • Participation in the Venture Showcase deal room, engaging directly with interested investors, 45-minute deep-dive session with investors in a private room;
  • Joining the alumni network and having exclusive access to partner events and fundraising opportunities;
  • Access to VC4A partners, perks and credits.


  • Application period – November 6 – December 17 2023
  • Selection process / investor review / interviews – January – February 2024
  • Selection of participants – February 2024
  • Investor Readiness Program – March 2024-May 2024
  • Technical sessions and one-one mentoring sessions with investors – March – May 2024
    Launch of the VC4A Venture Showcase – deal rooms with investors – June 2024 

Eligibility criteria

Your company must:

  • Offer a product or service that is tech-enabled.
  • Be for-profit and registered as an independent legal entity;
  • Have a product or service available on the market that is generating revenue, designed for scale, and clearly creating (measurable) impact;
  • Have a very strong management team comprising at least 3 people, where at least one is a woman in a C-suite or executive team position;
  • Be based in and targeting one or more countries in Latin America or the Caribbean;
  • Be seeking to raise Seed or Series A rounds.


  1.  Preference will be given to businesses generating social and/or environmental impact.
  2. The program will be 100% in Spanish– participants should be fluent in Spanish.
  3. While there will be exceptions, it is anticipated that most startups will have already received a round of external investment prior to the program and/or received grants from donor organizations.


Selection criteria

Innovativeness and Scalability (20%) – Company addresses a real problem in the market in a clearly innovative way. The product or service is different to others in the industry. The business model is new, disruptive and designed for scale.

Social, economic and/or environmental impact (20%) – Company addresses a social, economic and/or environmental issue and is able to show the impact your product or service is making in the lives of people in Latin America.

Strategy for Growth (20%) – There is potential to expand into new markets or expand at home. There is a clear strategy on how to grow impact and demonstrable progress in terms of customer acquisition plans, new contracts, and key partnerships.

Management team (20%) – The team has the qualifications and experience needed to make the business successful.

Market Traction & Financials (20%) – Market traction and the potential market size will be evaluated. The company’s business model, revenue streams, unit economics and previous funding rounds will come into consideration.

What we expect from you

If you are selected for the Venture Showcase, we expect that:

  • You engage with the assigned mentors (venture capital allied investors) and the VC4A team to prepare your 3- and 20-minute pitch, as well as 2 pages with investment data as part of the dealbook.
  • You are prepared to present and engage with venture capital investors in the March to May 2024 period and be part of the VC4A Venture Showcase.
  • You assist to all the group technical support sessions and all your one-one mentoring sessions, delivered by the participant investors
  • You share your experiences and actively participate in masterclasses, one-on-one mentor sessions and Dealrooms.
  • Attend the Venture Showcase DemoDay, which can be virtual or in-person between March and May 2024. If in-person, VC4A will endeavor to provide financial assistance.
  • You complete the closing and evaluation questionnaires at the end of the program.


Name Country Sector(s)
Integrating finance and trade for a regenerative coffee supply chain
Mexico Agritech, Blockchain, Fintech
Snap Compliance
Centralized and Collaborative Platform for Compliance Management
Costa Rica Banking, Fintech, Insurance
We evolve learning through mobile inmersive technologies
Chile Artificial intelligence, EdTech, Educational produ…
Helping eliminate food waste for restaurants and stores in latam
Peru E-commerce, Waste management and recycling
Sensor-equipped biological nanocapsules: Smart delivery and stability
United States of America Agribusiness, Biotechnology and medical research, …
Quipu Bank
Supply-chain financing platform for informal businesses, powered by ai
Colombia Artificial intelligence, Fintech
Sofi: Caring for financial health
Brazil Artificial intelligence, Fintech, Machine learning
Smart digital conversations that generate loyal customers
Chile Artificial intelligence, Cloud solutions, Software…
Unlocking credit access for smallholder farmers
Colombia Agritech, Fintech
KredFeed unlocks and streamlines cash flow for manufacturers.
Mexico Financial services, Fintech


Recent alumni funding

Since 2017 we have been instrumental in the success of hundreds of startups that participated in the Venture Showcase, resulting in over $800M being raised by portfolio companies. Below is a look at some of the most recent alumni funding raises:


No, the program is free, since no investment is promised, but rather the introductions, training and connections with the interested investors.

Yes, as long as there is at least one woman at the management level. Management level means any position at the C-level (CEO, CTO, COO, etc.) or high-level positions such as: President, Director, etc.

Yes, as long as your product uses or works with some type of innovative technology.

Yes, as long as you have operations in any country in Latin America and the Caribbean and at least one person on your team, is based in one of the countries in the region.

Yes, it is a requirement to already have a product or service launched on the market and generating sales. There is no minimum sales required, as each industry is different. You must have income from sales, but not necessarily profits.

Of course, anyone on the team can give the pitch, however we prefer that they be women.

Yes, 100% virtual, there will probably be a physical event in March but travel expenses will be covered for one participant per team.