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Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Venture Capital for Africa is connecting startup entrepreneurs with all the help they require to set up thriving businesses. On our platform you can find everything ranging from:

It is our purpose to stimulate entrepreneurship because we believe it is a key driver for economic development. Our focus is on high growth and high potential ventures in particular. By putting venture capital in place at the right time the development of important innovations and new business models is stimulated.

What is venture capital

Entrepreneurs bold enough to start companies with great potential form our main source of inspiration. Venture capital is an essential element in this development as it brings financial capabilities to startups when they most need it. To answer the question what is venture capital? We take a look at a short definition:

“capital invested in a project in which there is a substantial element of risk, typically a new or expanding business”

In practice, investors invest venture capital into businesses that promise to grow fast. The risks for a venture capitalist are typically high but offers above-average returns.

A significant source of employment and income

When capital is provided to startups founders at the right time great things occur for the community and country where the startup is located. Startups offer a significant source of employment and income for the present and the following generations, thereby fueling the economic growth and development of countries and continents.

The meaning of venture capital

Venture capital can be of great meaning to the national GDP and provides a strong foundation for the middle class. At the moment our focus is on the acceleration of startups in the African continent. More than 12,000 ventures already made use of our platform, with Nigeria and Kenya being the largest representatives.

One of the main findings from our research is that ventures that participate in ecosystem support programs secure investment more often. This emphasizes the importance of a network of help and advice for new ventures.

Venture capital for all

From 2007 our organization helps to build startup communities with a strong focus but not limited to Africa. Thereby we seek collaborations and partnerships to bring together knowledge, capital and networks to let entrepreneurs succeed in setting up their business. In this process, we provide every entrepreneur with equal access to opportunity.