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VC4Africa Partnership Network









The VC4Africa Partnership Program outlines our efforts to collaborate with organizations that support the development of high potential entrepreneurs. Through this program we look at different ways we can work together. For additional information, please contact David van Dijk (, our Director of Entrepreneurship Development.

What does it mean to be a partner of VC4Africa?

Partners receive a dedicated badge that we use to create overviews of their members. When these members make significant progress with their venture we work to highlight these achievements, creating additional visibility and awareness. Also, when our partners have major events, or other activities, we look at ways we can support them. We collaborate on meetups, workshops, competitions and look at ways to increase the resource base for promising entrepreneurs. This stems from the simple idea that we can better connect network, knowledge and capital by working together.

What is the fit?

Our idea is that the ecosystem, at such an early stage of development, needs all the help it can get. Where you excel at building a base of promising entrepreneurs locally, VC4Africa can work to augment your efforts and create meaningful connections internationally. We refer to our partners as the preferred point of contact for VC4Africa members in (or visiting) the country where you are based.

What value does VC4Africa create for partners?

We look to create visibility for our partners. You can count on us to help promote your events and related activities. We can also help with making major press announcements and help celebrate major milestones. When relevant, we can work together on events and other joint activities.

How can you expand our entrepreneurs personal network?

The VC4Africa community is free to join and our tools and services are available to any entrepreneurs in need of additional network, knowledge or capital. VC4Africa is a tool for extended the entrepreneurs network and expanding their reach.

Are you able to create exposure for our entrepreneurs?

Sure. Simply contact the VC4Africa team and we will be happy to conduct an interview with the entrepreneur and help promote their progress. We love success stories and are happy to support in this way.

Can you help our entrepreneurs implement their business?

Quite possibly. We run a peer to peer mentorship program. Entrepreneurs can register their needs and we will look to connect the entrepreneur with an expert who is a member of VC4Africa. Sometimes a lot can change by engaging someone outside the box.

Can you help our entrepreneurs fundraise?

As a member of the VC4Africa Partnership Program you can recommend your entrepreneurs to the VC4Africa investor network. Our team will work to introduce the entrepreneur to investors and we will refer any leads to you and the entrepreneur for follow up. The entrepreneur is always the one who makes the decisions. If VC4Africa is successful in raising capital, we ask the entrepreneur to consider paying a 3% fee forward (not obligatory).

Who else is part of the partnership program?

Current partners include ICE Ethiopia, ICE Cairo, the Meltwater Institute of Technology in Accra (MEST), NaiLab, GrowthHub, Mara LaunchPad, Wennovation Hub, CTIC and ActivSpaces.

Who do I contact?

You contact person for the VC4Africa Partner Network is David van Dijk. You can reach him at or on Skype at: vandijkinamsterdam