VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital is getting ready for 2022

VC4A is launching another round of the Mentor-Driven Capital (MDC) programs for 2022 in January in Egypt and Somaliland, with MDC in Nigeria kicking off Spring 2022. MDC is supported by the Work in Progress program, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Oxfam being the lead program implementer. 

Mentorship is a critical factor to the success of startups. As ‘Tomi Davies, founding member of the Africa Business Angel Network and experienced angel investor and mentor explains:

Mentorship is a key driver of success. Experiential insight from an investor, entrepreneur or business professional saves early-stage ventures time and resources, allowing them to focus on issues that are unique to their business. 

Speaking to their experience at the 2021 MDC program,“I think the startup was a great match, I really liked the connection with the startup, the impact we had. And the connection with other mentors and sharing experiences was great too.” adds Hanzada Abou Youssef – Ahead of the Curve. 

Mentor-Driven Capital 2022

VC4A’s ‘Mentor-Driven Capital’ program boosts mentors’ abilities to support promising entrepreneurs, guiding them to achieve their business goals while the mentors also boost their own level of success as a business mentor and leader. Mentor participants to the program will receive expert guidance, training and hands-on support and be matched with an entrepreneur, so the mentors can share their knowledge, experience and network over the course of 4 months with this startup and learn on the job.

Learn how to engage founders, the rules for mentorship, and how to maximize your impact as a business mentor (and potential angel investor!). Share with industry experts, tap industry-leading knowledge, and engage your peers in this hands-on learning journey.

For our upcoming 2022 programs in Egypt and Somaliland, which will begin in the second half of January, we seek to identify and recruit 15 mentors in each country and 15 motivated entrepreneurs. Depending on global COVID circumstances, they will either be fully virtual or (if we’re lucky) combine virtual and physical meetings in-country.  Regardless, the program is a rewarding experience.

“Joining the mentor-driven capital program was an eye opening experience for me. It was also a great opportunity to meet different people from different professional backgrounds.” Naimo Bakar, ZIHRA Designs

Are you a senior business leader, successful entrepreneur and/or aspiring angel investor, and want to join us as a mentor in our Mentor-Driven Capital program?

  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of starting entrepreneurs?
  • Are you an established business professional, entrepreneur, or investor with some time on your hands?
  • Do you want to be part of the exciting startup ecosystem?
  • Can you spend 4-8 hours a month during the program period on mentoring your startup and attending the training- and masterclass sessions?

This is your chance to apply!

In the 2021 Work in Progress MDC program, we coached 38 mentors across the 3 countries, and we look forward to working with even more in 2022! If you wish to learn more about the program, please write to niek [at] vc4a [.com]  or anour [at] vc4a [.com] with your questions.

For more information on MDC Egypt 2022, with registration for mentors open as of the 15th of November, visit

For more information on MDC Somalia 2022, with registration for mentors open as of 22th of November, visit