Mentor-Driven Capital program – Africa 2022

Building the next generation of business mentors

Are you an established business professional, entrepreneur, or investor with some time on your hands?
Do you want to play a bigger role in the exciting startup ecosystem?
Do you want to make a tangible difference in the lives of starting entrepreneurs and their journey?

Then, consider becoming a mentor in the VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program this year.

‘Mentor-driven capital’ is one of VC4A’s approaches to creating value for startup ecosystems around the world. It’s about finding and supporting motivated and experienced professionals like you to share the knowledge, experience, and network you’ve acquired over your career with promising entrepreneurs through the VC4A Mentorship Marketplace. As you support your mentee on his/her entrepreneurial journey, you get keen insights into the local startup ecosystem and hone your own mentoring, business & leadership skills.

This program aims to boost your ability as a high-powered mentor through the Mentor-Driven Capital framework we’ve developed. You and the selected fellow business leaders will receive expert guidance, training, and hands-on expert sessions around mentoring, and join interactive discussions on topics like mentoring founders for fundraising, corporate partnership building, and angel investing. Previous national cohorts hosted expert-led sessions by experienced angel investors such as Tomi Davies, Chief Investment Officer at GreenTec Capital Partners,  Tarek El-Kady, founder of Alex Angels, Dr. Ayman Ismail, associate professor of entrepreneurship at the American University of Cairo, Mrs. Maya Horgan Famodu, Founder & Partner at Ingressive Capital,  Kola Aina, entrepreneur, technology operator, and African investor, and Mr. Simeon Onanobi, Co-Founder/CEO of ThankUCash, among many others.


December 29, 2021
Program dates May 23 - Sep 9
Organizer VC4A
Targets Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia
Sectors Sector agnostic

About the Work In Progress! Alliance

This program is part of the “Work In Progress!” project. The goal of “Work in Progress!” is to improve the economic prospects of young men and women in Egypt, Nigeria and Somalia, create jobs and stimulate entrepreneurship by improving the skills of young people, strengthening small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and creating an enabling environment. Work in Progress! Alliance partners include Oxfam, Hanze University, VC4Africa and Butterfly Works.

Program Perks

What you’ll get out of it:

  • Attend expert-led sessions on essential mentorship and startup-related topics.

  • Introduction to a wide range of industry experts on VC4A Marketplace.

  • A mentorship guide and online training materials.

  • Get matched with Africa-based founders with mentorship needs.

  • Access to partner organizations’ demo days and invite-only events.

You will also get complimentary access to major startups’ and partners’ summits.

What We Expect From You

The program is open to a maximum of 20 aspiring business mentors in Egypt, or to those who have strong ties with – and interest in – Egypt.  The only thing you need to invest during the approx. 4-month program is 4-8 hours per month of your valuable time, knowledge, and network!

Selection Criteria
  • You are based in Egypt or closely affiliated with the country

  • You are a senior business professional, entrepreneur, and/or investor with 10+ years of experience.

  • Interested in the startup ecosystem and keen to support startup companies.

  • Can spend 4-8 hours a month mentoring a startup entrepreneur and follow MDC program sessions from January to May 2022.

What participating mentors have to say about MDC:

“I see a lot of businesses every day, but it’s different when you’re more hands on, ​​to actually be in touch with the entrepreneurs. I loved it.” Habiba Helmy – Arab Bank Egypt.

“I think the startup was a great match, I really liked the connection with the startup, the impact we had. And the connection with other mentors and sharing experiences was great too.” Hanzada Abou Youssef – Ahead of the Curve.

“Speakers and program managers were very welcoming and insightful. The curriculum was also very relevant and useful. I also loved my mentee!” Damien Pieretti – HSBC USA.


Application deadline: 20th of June 2022

If you’re interested in joining the program as a mentor, please create a VC4A account and/or sign in to your account, and hit the apply button to submit your application before the 20th of June. Shortlisted candidates will be followed up with separately. Contact Ahmed Nour at anour [at] vc4a [dot] com if you would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail. Note: We plan the kick-off session on 28th June 2022 and the end session by August 30th, 2022.

Make a tangible contribution to promising startups and become an African business mentor today!