COVID-19 Business Assessment Interactive Training

Rudi Kruger, CEO Index Innovation introduces his QuicA tool for startups & SMEs

The grim irony of the COVID-19 pandemic and its anticipated economic impact on the world and specifically on South Africa is that we were probably better prepared in a bizarre sense than most other countries. For the past five years, we have learned to operate and survive in a no-growth economy. Forward-looking companies have already adjusted their business models, rationalized their product offerings, sharpened their sales skills, and waged all-out war on waste.

The lockdown may have caught some leaders by surprise and we have no doubt that they have spent the past weeks or so re-thinking their value propositions, their business models, products and service delivery and support whilst adhering to the newly introduced social distancing regulations. 

Many other entrepreneurs, small businesses, NGOs, and even medium and large organizations found themselves completely unprepared for the realities and the consequences of the almost global lockdown. Almost overnight they have lost contact with their customers, service providers and suppliers of which many may not survive this crisis as their resources were already stretched to the limit. 

The purpose of Rudi Kruger’s QuiCA – Quick Continuation Assessment is to help business executives and entrepreneurs to quickly assess the viability of their businesses and how it may threaten their continued existence.

QuiCA is a simple yet highly effective tool that will help the users to quickly determine their trading positions and solvency. 

The QuiCA tool measures the following Income and Cost Drivers:

  1. Sales Performance
  2. Channel Demand
  3. Supply Stability
  4. Cash Availability
  5. Human Resources Expenditure
  6. Overhead Expenses


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Jun 18, 2020: 10:00 - 11:30
Organizer VC4A
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Location Zoom
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