A Global Innovation Lab for the SDGs


Who we are

UNLEASH is a global innovation lab which gathers 1,000 talents annually to collaborate on solutions that meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Since its inception, UNLEASH has been held in Denmark, Singapore and Shenzhen, China. Due to COVID-19 and its effects on the ability to gather physically, UNLEASH has moved all of its activities online for 2020, and will be hosting 17 local Hacks and the pre-accelerator program UNLEASH+.

What is UNLEASH?

We have the vision to build the world’s leading initiative and platform for innovative, implementable, and scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By using the innovative mindset of young people and partner talents with leading companies, research institutions, foundations, non-profits, and investors, we aspire to provide next-generation solutions for the SDGs.

Our mission is to accelerate disruptive ideas by engaging top talents in problem-solving and co-creation activities and by providing the support needed to bring the best ideas to life.

Why do we need UNLEASH?

The SDG challenge is immense.To realize the SDGs, it is estimated that the world will need to invest a staggering amount of between USD 5 trillion and 7 trillion per year – roughly 7%-10% of global annual GDP. To put these numbers into perspective, total investment into the Apollo Space Program (1963-72) to put a man on the moon was approximately USD 150 billion at present value.

New business models are needed to ignite change. To achieve the SDGs by 2030 will require new and innovative solutions that challenge traditional business models and approaches. Many of these solutions will need to be commercially viable as well as deliver value to society.

Talents must be mobilized. Harnessing the next generation of leaders will be critical if this is to be possible – they bring fresh perspectives, open minds, different values, tech-savviness, and an appetite for disruption. Who would have thought a few years back that the largest hotel chain in the world owned no rooms, the largest taxi company owned no cars, and the largest retailer-owned no stores?




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