Universidad Católica Boliviana


The fundamental mission of the Bolivian Catholic University “St. Paul” is the constant search for truth through research, conservation and communication of knowledge for the good of society. The Catholic University of Bolivia “San Pablo” participates in this mission by contributing its specific characteristics and purpose.

Through teaching and research, the Catholic University of Bolivia “Saint Paul” gives an indispensable contribution to the Church. It prepares men and women who, inspired by Christian principles and motivated to live their Christian vocation with maturity and coherence, will also be able to assume positions of responsibility in society and the Church. In addition, thanks to the results of the scientific research that it makes available, it can help the Church to respond to the problems and demands of every historical moment.


The Catholic University of Bolivia “San Pablo” will be distinguished by a clear Catholic identity, in its way of being and acting, thus inspiring, building a culture based on Christian humanism.

It will also distinguish it from the quality of its academic body and the professionals it forms, both characterized by a commitment to the search for truth and imbued with a profound sense of ethics and service. Likewise, it will have a homogeneous quality in all its Regional Academic Units and in all areas of its institutional work

The Catholic University of Bolivia “San Pablo” will be governed by a participatory administration and efficient and decentralized management, based on the principle of subsidiarity. All this in the framework of sound financial stability and addressing its future sustainability.

It is also highlighted as the reference center for analysis, debate and social action on the problems that afflict Bolivian society by providing solutions, based on a relevant research, of quality and from a Christian humanist vision of society.


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Location Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Educational services
SDG (3)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 4. Quality Education, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth