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Hacking for a connected future

Inspired by Ericsson’s promise to keep Africa in motion. Ericsson’s Nigeria Together Apart Hackathon is hacking for a connected future and solving global challenges. The theme-based hackathon aims to identify innovative and commercially viable solutions showcasing the power of connectivity, digital technologies, and 5G in Nigeria

The inspiration: Africa in motion

Africa in Motion is about Ericsson’s mission to empower a sustainable and connected Africa. Ericsson has been connecting Africa for over 100 years and has built wireless networks for every generation – from the early 1G networks to the first advanced 5G networks. Our promise and commitment toward Africa are to always support a world where digitization is transforming the ecosystem; enabling sustainable growth, and economic development. The Hackathon’s objective is to identify innovative solutions using technology and connectivity to create tomorrow’s solutions from today’s challenges inspired by Nigeria’s 5G deployment.

The challenges: How can 5G and Digital technologies improve the lives of Nigerian citizens

  • Improving the quality of life and standard of living are key metrics for successful growth in Nigeria. The promise of accessible, affordable, and inclusive healthcare and education have come within reach for the first time. However accelerating this is critical in order to empower the populace – from unemployed youth to vulnerable and uneducated aged. There is also a need to upskill millions of professionals and teachers, ensuring parity with global skillsets and access to the latest methodologies for service delivery.
  • Challenge: With gaps in digital platform literacy, professional training, access to affordable devices, and more, how can new digital technologies and connectivity ensure the best future for all; regardless of gender, economic status, or even geographical location? How can this be achieved while promoting sustainable economic gain to enable new businesses and a thriving ecosystem?
  • Driving sectorial growth can be the biggest catalyst for economic inclusion and change. Utilizing the abundant natural resources and dynamic human capital of one of the world’s largest populations will be critical to achieving the nation’s ambitions. To accelerate growth, lowering barriers of entry for smaller innovative entrants while opening new opportunities for large-scale enterprises to meet the demands of millions of Nigerians is key.
  • Challenge: How can connected industry and adjacent solutions help achieve this promise, improving process efficiencies, reducing operational costs, and identifying new business models, in order to kickstart a sustainable future for both industries.
  • Banking has excluded a large part of the informal trading sector and population. The barriers to entry have pushed consumers to look into alternative banking methods such as Mobile Money. Thus Fintech has become the fastest growth area in the startup ecosystem, providing a wide range of new options. However large gaps still exist, with millions unable to access services due to financial literacy, rural barriers, and lack of inclusion due to economic status.
  • Challenge: As the Fintech and Mobile Money industry grows, how can new technologies such as 5G and other digital solutions be leveraged to democratize financial solutions for consumers and businesses – allowing greater access, improving user experience, and ensuring higher financial literacy? What additional, innovative features could enhance the Mobile Money experience and address identified consumer pain points?
  • When we reimagine a new world, we envision a world where technology is at the forefront of change. But in reimagining a new world, there is still a place for legacy unique to a county’s history. “Rip and replace” ideologies and processes may not always be the most financially viable approach in the modernization journey. Post-pandemic, Nigeria is seeing an emergence of vertical-specific solutions to age-old institutional problems within the energy, cleantech, mobility, agriculture, security, and smarter cities. But how we can accelerate and better bridge the gap between the old and new?
  • Challenge: using 5G technology, IoT, and other digital technologies as an enabler, invent and design a modern-day solution optimizing something from Nigeria’s past. This idea can be a physical or abstract product or solution.


  • Opportunity to develop and scale solutions.
  • Access to Network and potential customers.
  • An all-paid round trip to Ericsson HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Meeting with the entrepreneurial community in Sweden to present the idea/solution

How to join?

Note: This hackathon is open only to participants residing in Nigeria.

To join Ericsson Together Apart Hackathon:

  1. Sign in to the platform using your email and enter the confirmation code received.
  2. Complete your profile in the registration form to the right of the page.
  3. Submit your idea/project that fits the challenge you are interested in.
  4. Add team members by inviting them to join your idea/project. We only approve ready-made teams of 2-4 persons. Team members must first be registered for the hackathon!
  5. Ensure your profile, submission, and team are completed well before the deadline on 20 July, midnight, 2022. (Lagos time)
  6. Eligible teams will be notified and invited to the hackathon.
  7. Join the hack, learn new things, network and develop your idea.
  8. Submit your pitch at the end for a jury review.

Who should join?

Ericsson Together Apart Hackathon is open for all, so if you are…

  • A creative individual
  • An Industry specialist
  • An Academic (graduate, post-grad)
  • An Economist – Business Strategist
  • A Computer maven
  • A Project manager
  • A Systems analyst
  • A Programmer
  • A Entrepreneurs
  • A Startup

…then this is an opportunity for you!”


Key dates

  • Date: 12 – 14 August, 2022
  • Where: Online
  • Application deadline: 31 July, 2022


July 31, 2022
Program dates Aug 12 - Aug 14, 2022
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Targets Nigeria
Education, Fintech, Healthcare, Internet, Internet of things (IoT), Manufacturing, Mobile, Smart city solutions