The SABLE Accelerator

South African business link to experts

The SABLE Accelerator is a trusted knowledge network of global South Africans providing mentoring and consulting services to South African companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions seeking to fund or commercialize innovation, as well as enter, grow, and partner in worldwide markets. 


  • Mobilize global South Africans to contribute and give back
  • Build on the cultural affinity and connectivity of South African expats
  • Create a tightly integrated and readily accessible global resource
  • Commercialize and optimize South Africa’s talent and technology
  • Improve the country’s global competitiveness and economic vigor
  • Advance South Africa’s brand image, influence, and agenda abroad


The SABLE Accelerator aims to further South Africa’s economic interests through global knowledge transfer and the creation of a trusted expert network of expatriate South Africans willing to contribute back to their country of birth through coaching, mentoring, consulting, advising, teaching, training, funding, or donating.

The international partnership group, The Sable Accelerator LLC (SABLE), is dedicated to helping South African entrepreneurs, new venture start-ups, academic institutions, and companies commercialize technology innovations, promote and protect intellectual property, fund new business concepts, finance growth, as well as expand into global markets.

A core group of SABLE founders and consultants is based in Silicon Valley, the world’s premier destination for new venture formation, incubation, funding, accelerated growth, liquidity and technology partnering, or licensing. These individuals, all born, schooled, or raised in South Africa, have global business and life experience, are based in North America, and offer a wide range of capabilities and professional competencies.


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Location 76 Arnold Street, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic