The African Network of Entrepreneurs

Assist African entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses

With the vision of becoming a hub of hope for African entrepreneurs, TANOE has been and is focused on making entrepreneurship a sustainable solution to unemployment by training and empowering students and the youth to develop their talents, entrepreneurial abilities and skills, supporting women and start-up entrepreneurs with resources and relevant information to sustain and grow their businesses.

TANOE believes that Africa is the right place to start and grow a business. With a passionate community like TANOE and the world at our doorstep, there is abundance of reasons why businesses will survive here.

As a network, TANOE aims to foster entrepreneurship in Africa through providing entrepreneurs with information, resources, platforms and a place to connect. TANOE seeks to make it easy for Africans to start, grow and sustain a business.


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Location Ghana Shippers House, Accra, Ghana
Targets Ghana
Sectors Sector agnostic