Taskforce INNOV COVID-19 Benin Startups Entry

Let's use collective intelligence to fight COVID-19


Apr 20
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Sub-Saharan Africa
Biotechnology and medical research, Creative, media and entertainment, E-commerce, EdTech, Food and beverage, Healthcare providers and services, HealthTech, ICT, Information technology, Logistics, Personal transport, Public transport, Sanitation, Transport and logistics

The TASKFORCE INNOV COVID-19 BENIN is made up of various players (startups, SMEs, large groups, academic and scientific players, government agencies and NGOs) engaged in the fight against the coronavirus with innovative solutions adapted to social, economic, scientific and of the African continent.

The TASKFORCE INNOV COVID-19 BENIN is an initiative launched by Sèmè City which is responsible for coordinating its activities in Benin. This Task Force, which is based on collective intelligence, also has the mission of facilitating the sharing of experiences and collaboration between actors from different African countries in order to maximize impacts.