Build Program

African innovators building thriving communities


We know how it feels to be frustrated and desperate for change. Lacking jobs or having little to no resources for solving problems that have negatively impacted your community. We want to change that by equipping you to be innovators of change not just for your community but for Africa. We want you to be the hero of your story: be it solving a water sanitation issue in your community or transforming the lives of teenage girls.

It is not impossible and we cannot wait to prove that to you!


Are you driven to build things of enduring meaning and value? Do you desire training, dedicated business coaching, and access to a thriving community of product development specialists and experts to take your amazing idea to a sustainable business.? Are you desperate to make a REAL CHANGE in your community?


 APPLY for the BUILD Program


The Build Program is a 6-month innovation program open to ambitious individuals: working professionals, recent graduates, or students passionate about solving problems in Africa. We aim to empower individuals oozing with a relentless passion for change and as a result fuel the growth of African innovation. 

So do we have a specific problem for you to work on in mind? No! You have the freedom to join the program with an idea or business in certain sectors that you desperately need support to build. 


What We Offer:


Build Phase

This is the main part of the program where we commit to empowering you to build your innovation from scratch. You will have:

  • Dedicated business coaching in all build stages

  • Access to industry leaders and experts in product development, business strategy and go to market.

  • Access to a talent pool for project support.

  • Ongoing community feedback

  • Supportive startup community of entrepreneurs and product development specialists


Funding Phase

You can directly apply for this phase if you have experience building your product through our BUILD stages: prototyping, business model design, product development, and go-to-market.  You will have:

  • Up to $10,000 of funding

  • Preferential rates to our shared service center for 3 months (up to 50% discount)

    • Front and back-office support

    • Legal support specifically in company formation

    • Recruitment services

    • Business coaching in sales, marketing, research and development, and cloud computing.


Eligibility criteria:

To qualify for either phase the Innovation must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a true innovation (either nothing like it in the market or significantly improves an existing solution).
  2. Must be able to demonstrate the impact the Innovation will have in the Education, Health, or Agriculture sectors.
  3. Must be able to reach at least 20,000 people (direct and indirect users)
  4. Must apply technology to reach its users.
  5. Must have a minimum of three team members registered with us. Teams with both genders represented will be scored higher than those without.
  6. Must be self-sustaining.
  7. Must have a presence in Kenya.
  8. You may submit only one (1) application per team in each application round.

To qualify for the Build phase

  1. You must have a clearly defined idea with a well-documented concept note. 

  2. Be available and fully committed to participate in all aspects of the BUILD phase and complete it within a maximum duration of six (6) months.

  3. Have an A-team of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) members. Teams with both genders represented (at least one (1) male and one (1) female will receive a higher score during the selection process. At least one person needs to be familiar with coding and cloud computing platforms.

  4. You must provide a group of 20 people exclusive of your team with whom you will use to test your prototype and minimum viable product. Do not worry about the timelines, you will have ample time to have your group ready 

  5. You must be able to co-pay Ksh 2,900 ($29) per team member per month for the duration of the BUILD phase. This fixed monthly fee is to help us cover the already heavily subsided cost of the services offered to you during this phase as well as ensuring your commitment to all the activities set out. We have a special discount for student team members – Ksh 1,200 per team member per month.

To qualify for the Funding Phase

  1. You must have an organization incorporated and registered in Kenya.

  2. The applicant must be a director in your organization and you must have at least one (1) full-time member

  3. The project must have been taken to market for a minimum of 4 months.

  4. You must have begun operations at least one (1) year before applying for this program.

  5. You must demonstrate through measurable indicators the product’s current demand and its viability to create true economic value.

  6. You must demonstrate your experience in taking your product through our BUILD stages: prototyping, business model design, product development, and go-to-market.


If your innovation does not meet our fund phase criteria, do not be discouraged, you may still be eligible for our BUILD phase. We are committed to helping you build your innovation to a point where it is attractive to investors outside our platform.


Selection Dates:

Applications Open: 30th November 2020

Applications Close: 31st January 2021

Launch stage: 23rd February 2021


The Program:

Application Stage – Build & Funding: 30th November – 31st December 2020

You have four weeks to submit your application. Shortlisting will be done as applications are received. We acknowledge the tireless efforts you will have put into the applications therefore we will communicate your status as soon as possible. 

Do not worry if you are not selected, you will be part of the community and have access to learning resources to build your innovation prowess.


Selection Stage – Build & Funding: 15th January 2021

If you apply for the build phase and are selected, you will be required to submit details of your team members (minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 with at least one male or female). As the team leader, you do not have to be a tech developer however ensure one of your team members is since the solution has to be technology-based and deployed on cloud computing platforms.

If you apply for the funding phase and are selected, you are allowed to proceed to the relevant stage based on the submission of supporting evidence. 

We will take you through this process step by step and let you know of any specific criteria that would be needed. 


Virtual Launch and Interactive Sessions: 23rd January 2021

The fun begins!  There will be a virtual launch of the event where you will learn about the program, get to know one another, and discuss the next 10 months. The sessions will also be a great opportunity to meet our program partners, coaches, and experts who are committed to empowering you to be creators and change-makers.

We have some great games and group activities lined up for you as well so be assured it will not be a boring virtual meet. 

Apply Via: Apply through our online portal


How do I access the Build expert team?
You will be assigned an Innovation manager with whom you will make the request.

Can I finish the Build phase in a shorter time?
Absolutely! We encourage participants to finish faster and get their Innovation to market

Is there an application fee to participate?
There is no application fee required however once you are accepted to the Build program, you will be required to pay KSh 2,900 per team member every month. This fixed monthly fee is to help us cover the already heavily subsidized cost of the services offered to you during this phase as well as ensuring your commitment to all the activities set out. We have a special discount for team members who are students.

Can I put in more than one application?
It is possible but we do not encourage it, we advise that you take your best Innovation and put in more effort instead of splitting your time

Is there a maximum number of members that I should include?
None, but we recommend that you include a manageable team size that will be responsible for developing your Innovation 

Do you take equity in the businesses once funded?
No, the funding we provide is a grant and not a loan or purchase of shares.

What do I need for my application?
Simple, all you need to do is complete our application form which has a series of questions that help us know more about your Innovation


January 31, 2021
Program dates Feb 23 - Jul 31, 2021
Organizer Talent-Bridge Africa
Website Visit website
Targets Sub-Saharan Africa
Sectors Agribusiness, Education, Healthcare