Street Founders

Starting Businesses. Creating Wealth.

What is Street Founders?

Street Founders is a three-year programme that provides practical opportunities for aspiring, high-potential entrepreneurs to build start-ups and gain real-world commercial business experience.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who have a desire to create their own personal wealth through hard work and persistence. We are not looking for established entrepreneurs, but rather for individuals who have the potential to develop and grow commercial businesses.

We live in the land of opportunity and we are looking for individuals who see commercial value where others don’t. Most importantly, we are looking for job creators and not job seekers.

We accept new entrepreneurs on a rolling basis depending on capacity.

How It Works

Opportunity and Tools
Successful applicants will be given a business opportunity in the Street Capital stack where they will be expected to take the product or service to market. We provide all the resources to prosper in business. Our only expectation is that you will work hard to succeed.

Take It and Break It
The business needs to be pushed to failure or success. If the performance of the individual (jockey) does not conform to the fast-moving pace and culture of Street Founder, the individual will be exited.

Create Wealth
Once the business is commercial, the entrepreneur will be offered share options on an annual basis (typically 20%). After three years of successfully creating a stable and scalable business, the entrepreneur will generally leave with a 60% majority shareholding
of their business and a strong team. Entrepreneurs that do not perform well will exit with nothing but experience at any point during the programme.


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Location 77 Commissioner Street Marshalltown Johannesburg
Targets South Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic