Innovation Tour — Israel 2022

Live The Experience Of Business Experts!

Meet one of the countries with the highest concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world.

In recent years, Israel has become one of the world leaders in entrepreneurship. With one startup for every 1,844 inhabitants, Israel has the highest concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, and not only more startups, but also the largest venture capital investment in the world: €2 billion for a population of 8 million inhabitants.

In this program, we seek to bring together Latin American agents of change, in order to meet first-hand innovators, entrepreneurs, business strategists, and the most brilliant academics in the Israeli ecosystem.

Designed for executives looking for effective networking. Its objective is that each participant can find technological solutions to local challenges, through Israeli innovation.


Jun 29 - Jun 30, 2022 - 23:59
Organizer Startup Mexico
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Targets Americas, Israel
Sectors Sector agnostic

Program Vision

  • Create a list of top places to gain knowledge, connections and inspiration from your visit.
  • Incorporate the “mindset” of technological innovation to the Latin American industry.
  • Share with our clients the Israeli experience of the “Start-Up Nation”
  • Connect Latin American companies with Israeli Research and Development.
  • Introduce elements of positivism in the entrepreneurial culture.
  • Create Networking and valuable contacts for Latin American companies.
  • Implement innovative entrepreneurial practices in Latin America, through the empowerment of flourishing business ecosystems.

We will visit

What’s Included?

  • Tourism: Free time will be assigned to get to know the cities we will visit.
    get to know the cities we will visit.
  • Complements: Tour escort. Escort Mexico-Israel-Mexico.
  • Welcome KIT and guided tours
  • Local Transportation: Private minibus, with a Spanish-speaking guide.
  • Meals: Lunch or dinner.

Companies in Israel

We will visit a selection of highly prestigious companies that has offices and regional HQ in Israel: