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Startup Capital

Startup Capital

At VC4A we believe, that startup capital is a key driver to development. Therefore, our platform seeks to bring together entrepreneurs with capital, knowledge, mentors and market opportunities. Our focus is on high growth high potential ventures because these can fuel economic growth and create jobs. By raising startup capital at the right time innovative and disruptive new businesses can be developed which ensures prosperity for communities and countries.

The different kinds of connections we provide

Our platform provides you with everything ranging from:

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What is startup capital

To answer the question What is startup capital? We begin by mentioning a short definition:

‘Startup capital is money that is required to start a new business’

In practice, this money can be used for office space, inventory, licenses, marketing, product development and manufacturing or any other expenses. It is also referred to as “seed money” and is essential to make a new business work.

It is our mission to provide ambitious entrepreneurs around the world with all they need to get their business thriving. VC4A’s inspiration comes from the entrepreneurs bold enough to start companies that have the potential to change the world. Take a look at the active ventures on our platform.

Venture startup capital – Our network combines capital and knowledge

Capital and knowledge are essential assets for every startup. That is why more than 12,000 ventures are actively using our platform today and many more have done so since our start in 2007. In the future we want our community to grow even further, thereby bolstering the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.