START Hack 2024

START Hack is a dynamic and innovative hackathon that stands at the forefront of Europe hackathon landscape. Taking place alongside START Summit in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on March 20st – 22nd, START Hack is set to bring together some of the brightest minds and creative problem solvers from around the globe and bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and technology.

Anticipating over 550 Hackers, START Hack is not just a hackathon; it’s an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, ideate, and innovate. The event will host legendary speakers, industry leaders, interesting case partners and creating an electric atmosphere of entrepreneurial spirit. In the end, we want to come together to make the event MADDER, BIGGER AND BETTER.


Organizer START Global
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Olma Messen St.Gallen AG, Splügenstrasse 12, 9008 St. Gallen, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
Africa, Americas, Antarctica Region, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Micronesia
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