Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit

Building a great Startup Ecosystem. One Step At a Time. Together!


About the summit

Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB Summit) is a flagship program of Setup A Startup. It is an annual event with the mission to advance ecosystem building as a new approach to economic development to help more people and communities achieve economic independence through entrepreneurial success while recognizing unsung heroes in ecosystem building.

The ASEB Summit was designed to create a unified, continental movement of entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders who work to infuse entrepreneurship into economic development. The idea for the summit began with the Setup A Startup organization which came to the realization that the African entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem is fragmented and there are hundreds of people building ecosystems in different ways and saw an opportunity to bring them together to connect and collaborate.

The Summit will bring together key players in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. These builders will help accelerate the emerging field of ecosystem building by collaboratively creating tools,  and resources, and sharing new knowledge to better support communities that empower the makers, doers, and dreamers in our communities, that is the entrepreneurs.

This Summit invites entrepreneurs, governments, policymakers, economic developers, grassroots leaders, investors, community builders, universities, funders, philanthropists, media experts, and national ecosystem support organizations to support and accelerate transformation through entrepreneurship. Together, we can better understand how to build thriving ecosystems.

Topics and Sessions of the Summit

  • What is the startup ecosystem?
  • Startup ecosystems: why they matter and how to build them.
  • Who is a Startup Ecosystem Builder or Ecosystem Builder?
  • Funding your Ecosystem Building efforts
  • Building Future Entrepreneurs
  • Collaborative Entrepreneurship for continuous innovation
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Innovation Entrepreneurship Best Practices with ASEB Summit’s Goals
  • Diversity and equity innovation
  • Story sharing from Ecosystem Builders (10 ecosystem builders)
  • Women In Tech – Inclusive Entrepreneurship … and many more

Why The Summit?

  • To provide an open standard framework, innovation entrepreneurship education, and training, ecosystem development consulting.
  • Delegations from across the continent will work together to act toward creating a sustainable startup ecosystem.
  • The ASEB Summit is about putting relationships into action.
  • Peer-to-peer learning, short interactive presentations, collaborative activities, and more.
  • Participants will learn from experts speakers and communities across Africa and beyond.
  • Participants will connect with those in their towns, cities, and regions to better collaborate and strengthen the ecosystem in their communities

Who Should Attend?

  • Economic, community, and workforce development
  • Entrepreneurship and venture development
  • Incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces
  • Grassroots community organizing
  • Banking, investment, and philanthropy
  • Large companies and anchor institutions
  • Universities, community colleges
  • Libraries, nonprofits, and community institutions
  • Government and public office, real estate development, research, media, and more…


Dec 6 - Dec 8, 2022 - 23:59
OrganizerSetup A Startup
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Johannesburg, South Africa
Targets Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic