Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards(ASEB)

Celebrating the Hidden Builders of Africa's Startup Ecosystem. The Unsung Heroes

The Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB) stands as a beacon event, dedicated to both recognizing the unsung champions of the African startup realm and promoting ecosystem building as a pivotal tool for economic development.

The ASEB Summit and Goals are focused on fostering the emergence of the entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole on a national and global scale. However, there is a synergy between the local and national work on these goals. Many of the initiatives proposed at the ASEB Summit will also have an impact at the local level. By implementing these initiatives in their own communities, individuals can improve the ecosystem in their area while moving the ASEB Goals forward on a broader scale. As each element becomes stronger locally, the broader field becomes more robust as well.

Embodying the tagline “Celebrating the Hidden Builders of Africa’s Startup Ecosystem. The Unsung Heroes“, ASEB is resolute in its mission to spotlight the individuals and teams whose tireless work powers the vibrant, burgeoning entrepreneurial scene in Africa, yet often remains unseen.

Scheduled from December 6-8, 2023, in the bustling heart of Nairobi, Kenya, this three-day summit offers a comprehensive exploration of innovative strategies, best practices, and collaborative efforts in ecosystem building. A series of panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking sessions are tailored to drive this purpose, offering attendees unparalleled insights and tools to harness the potential of ecosystem building.

Central to the summit is the ASEB Awards – the very heart of our gathering. This illustrious ceremony recognizes and lauds the tireless contributors who operate behind the scenes, laying down the foundational bricks for Africa’s dynamic startup environment. As we convene in the radiant backdrop of East Africa, our objective remains clear: to champion hidden talents, foster collaborations, and set the stage for a prosperous entrepreneurial future for Africa.

The Clock is Ticking – Don’t Miss Out!

You have only 3 days left to nominate yourself or those unsung heroes you know, for the 2023 Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB).

Categories Galore!

With 30 diverse award categories, from “Startup Ecosystem Builder of the Year” to “Cross-Border Collaboration Initiative”, we’re leaving no stone unturned in ensuring each segment of our ecosystem gets its due recognition. See our website for the Awards description and criteria:

Startup Ecosystem Builder of the Year

Corporate Champion of the Year

Angel Investor of the Year

Venture Company of the Year

Startup Bank of the Year

Startup Funding Initiative of the Year

Startup Advisor of the Year

Startup Coach of the Year

Startup Mentor of the Year

Entrepreneurship Education Program

Service Provider of the Year

Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year

Coworking Space of the Year

Startup Event of the Year

Incubator of the Year

Accelerator of the Year

Immigrant Ecosystem Builder of the Year

Youth Connector of the Year

Entrepreneur Support Organization of the Year

Student Connector of the Year

Women in STEM

Best Government Initiative for Startups

Startup Ecosystem Support Initiative

Startup Policy Advocate of the Year

Startup Researcher of the Year

Innovation Hub of the Year

Ecosystem Collaboration of the Year

Investor Network of the Year

Startup Media Platform of the Year

Cross-Border Collaboration Initiative

A Quick Guide to Nominate:

  • Navigate to

  • Hit the ‘Nomination’ button.

  • Choose your category (or multiple by holding CTRL).

  • Fill out the form diligently, ensuring all fields with * are filled.

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