Seda Atlantis Renewable Energy Business Incubator

SAREBI, The South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator, was established in 2012 by the Small Enterprise Development Agency Technology programme (SEDA) to incubate businesses in the renewable energy sector.

Our mission is to turn renewable energy entrepreneurs into successful business people. We help energy entrepreneurs in the renewable, clean, alternative energy and energy efficiency sectors to build scalable, profitable and sustainable businesses. We assist businesses in various stages of business development from start-up through growth with a variety of support services. These may range from operational support to enterprise skills training, manufacturing support through coaching.

A lack of entrepreneurial skills is often associated with the high failure rate in existing small businesses. Sarebi’s enterprise skills modules comprises of a series of action learning workshops on a variety of topics that help entrepreneurs make better business decisions to run their businesses more profitably, and more sustainably.Our coaching process guides entrepreneurs to make sound strategic business decisions. These decisions in turn assist entrepreneurs in building sustainable assets of value.

Sarebi works with energy entrepreneurs in different stages of development. These may be, would-be-entrepreneurs with a well-thought-through and viable business concept or even existing entrepreneurs with a viable business facing growth or sustainability challenges.Sarebi allows entrepreneurs to enter the incubation stream at different stages and offer services appropriate for the different development stages.

Sarebi focusses on two distinct groups of entrepreneurs across the renewable energy value chain: On the one hand we work with entrepreneurs who manufacture or assemble products or components for the renewable energy sector and on the other hand we work with service providers, who install, warrant and maintain renewable energy and energy efficiency products or components, or who deliver services to other renewable energy businesses.Through our testing facilities for swh and LED lights, Sarebi supports product development and R&D as our facilities are geared to flexible part testing of different SABS standards.

Sarebi supports entrepreneurs with businesses in the following fields:

  • Energy Efficiency (systems using less energy to provide the same service) e.g. SWH, Led lights etc.
  • Embedded Generation (such as Solar PV Systems and small wind turbines)Small Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP)
  • Suppliers or service providers to the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP)


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Location Neil Hare Road, Atlantis Industrial, Cape Town, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Renewable energy