RiseUp 2023 – StayReal

MENA's Leading Startup Summit


VC4A x Riseup

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What is Riseup Summit?

The largest entrepreneurship event in the Middle East, where 150+ startups showcase their brand to thousands of attendees, including potential customers, partners and investors a summit enriched with over 250+ speakers from around the world, coming to speak on one centralized theme each year.


Over the past #10Years, RiseUp has been dedicated to a key concept in the world of entrepreneurship getting more people to dare to dream. Reaching high, breaking the mold, and testing the rules brought forth by the experts of the past. But we don’t just make things happen by dreaming big, we make things happen by #StayingReal! This year, we’re hyper-focused on reality. We’re showing the world that reality yields more fruit than fantasy. Are you ready for the summit of the decade?

What you get as an attendee

250+ speakers from around the world — Exhibitions from 150+ startups — Workshops workshops workshops! Everyday entertainment — Delicious F&B — The networking opportunity of a lifetime!


Take a break from our channels content and immerse yourself in RiseUp workshops. Is there a topic you’re interested in learning more about? For explorers, we’ve created special lectures to give you the 101 on different topics for a duration of 2 hours, allowing you to explore and expand.

Investor matchmaking

World, meet investor office hours! A Unique-To-RiseUp feature where you get to tell your story to an investor interested in funding your specific industry or venture.

Apply as a startup, then book your 15-min time slot via our RiseUp Summit app!

Speaker’s circle

THE ULTIMATE NETWORKING FEATURE– Network with RiseUp Summit goers by joining a Speaker’s Circle: One speaker and 7-8 other candidates have an hour long discussion on a topic of choice.


Mar 16 - 9:00 - Mar 18, 2023 - 21:00
Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo - Alexandria Desert Road, Kafr Nassar, Al Haram, Egypt
Targets Africa, Europe, South-eastern Asia, Western Asia
Sectors Sector agnostic