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Riseup Summit 2021

The summit is our three-day, one-stop-shop, entrepreneurship marathon! Over the years, we promised that the world would come to Cairo, and thanks to an incredible level of commitment from our tireless team and phenomenal partners, we deliver.

Thought leaders, media mavens, tech-legends and power player investors gather to share their experience, support and invest in the Middle East & Africa’s flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem. From workshops, inspiring talks, and panel discussions to startup stations, pitch competitions, and networking platforms with industry experts. Whoever you are, you’ll find the place for you.

This Year’s Theme: Timeless Innovation

We’re sending an important message by setting the RiseUp Summit ‘21 venue at the pyramids— it’s a powerful reminder of how a single creation could last for thousands of years, still a constant source of awe and inspiration for people generations later. Now, here we are eras later with the chance to evolve even further and build newer creations with the same ability to transcend past and future. Are you excited to see what comes next?

Riseup Summit 2021 Tracks

Capital Track
Learn about funding, investment, new trends in the region and the future of startups in MENA, capital stage will be hosting a compilation of business trailblazers to talk about the next age of entrepreneurship and share their stories of resilience.New investment opportunities, what investors to look for, and how to get investment ready are just a glimpse of what’s going to be featured on Capital Stage.

Types of content:

  • Startup content
  • Investor content

Creative Track
Creativity is at the heart of resilience, it paves the way for humans to create new things and inspire one another. From branding and design to storytelling and photography, meet creative minds to discover what’s new in this world, how to blend the creative aspect into your business and utilize media to fuel growth.

Types of content:

  • Latest trends and innovations in creative industries
  • Monetizing creativity
  • How to incorporate media and creativity in your business

Tech Track
Tech-enabled is the new normal, it’s the foundation of your success as a startup. Navigating through the unprecedented would have been a lot more difficult with no tech products designed for making our lives easier. We will shed light on the role of technology in facilitating our day to day tasks, and how entrepreneurs are utilizing technology for a better tomorrow.

Types of content

  • Designing technology for humans
  • Latest technology trends
  • Role of technology in developing the future

Why Join The Riseup Summit

Startups are the stars of RiseUp Summit. All partners, speakers, and planned on-site activations are selected and designed for the purpose of providing startups with the most fruitful experience possible for their business. Startups can exhibit at our Startup Station, get access to an incredible network of investors and mentors, get exposure in the most relevant media, tools, know-how, and plug into a regional marketplace. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

Showcase your startup to the ecosystem! You’ll get your own branded booth and the opportunity to capitalize on immense exposure to potential customers, partners and investors. Join the growing list of startups that found their potential and thrived by exhibiting at RiseUp’s summits.

Every year we reserve a special section of the summit for 15 High Potential Startups (HIPOs) of the region’s future unicorns. If you’ve raised more than $100K, and you’ve got a thirst for disruption and have shown unparalleled resilience, sign up as a HIPO for Summit ‘21– you could be the region’s next unicorn.

At #RiseUp21, we’ll be featuring the region’s most creative merch producers in a premium section called Creative Marketplace– a space where people could browse through their favorite creative products. Perks include exclusive networking opportunities with investors and speakers.

Get the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 with the region’s top investors and experts. This is your chance to get feedback on your progress and maybe even a chance to pitch!


Nov 25 - 9:00 - Nov 27, 2021 - 19:00
Organizer RiseUp
Website Visit website
Cairo, Egypt
Targets Northern Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic