Africans are fast building credibility in digitising its economy to leverage the fast paced forth industrial revolution. The curiosity of kids lately is profound which if not harnessed will lead to exerting this drive in negative tendencies. In 2017, Tentmaker launched the RaptorKids program to teach kids between the ages of 10 and 15 how to write computer programs. The project is aimed at raising as many as possible kids to learn Coding early not only as a IQ enhancement tool but also help these kids participate in the digital world and unleash their creative skills. The first cohorts trained 8 Kids in HTML and CSS as a first stage for FREE. The next stage, opened to 30 kids between 10 – 15 will teach the kids how to build mobile and web apps as well as games. We are also opening application for the next cohort in February 2018 also for 30 kids to learn basic website designing. Visit www.tentmakergh.com 


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Location Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
Targets Ghana
Sectors Computer software, Creative, media and entertainment, EdTech, Education, HealthTech, Mobile