Quirky 30

Coding a new future


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Love Life Building Rose Innes Road Langa, Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa
Computer software, Information technology

Our organization provides a free 1-year training to underprivileged/disadvantaged youth in Coding, Design, Cloud and Entrepreneurship skills that are most in demand in the marketplace today. We enable unemployed youth to learn these technological skills to a level of employability in order to place them into jobs as well as start their own businesses.


Youth unemployment in South Africa seats at 52.2% and is one of the highest in the world. The steady increase of the youth population is not being matched by an increase in job opportunities. There is a large discrepancy between what the youth are being taught and what employers expect them to know. Quirky 30 NPC has developed a powerful, impactful model. We have a bold vision of turning impoverished communities and prisons from gangster-ridden crime hubs offering very few opportunities and hope into dynamic and vibrant tech hubs which can have a national and global impact.

Indirectly, by showing that transformation is possible anyway, we can catalyse other powerful social innovations in the ecosystems where we work.