Philippi Village

Philippi Village is a space that houses local businesses, nurture entrepreneurs, enable skills development and support job creation.

There is extremely little office space in the area, and phase 1 of Philippi Village will provide infrastructure for local and social businesses, a space for entrepreneurs to trade and for businesses to thrive. As one of the most neglected areas in the Cape Town Metropole, Philippi Village is designed as an anchor, for both existing businesses, start-ups and the local community. 

Working together, we can create a vibrant community centre that will benefit all, provide work and job opportunities as well as provide facilities for community engagement and social interaction.

Other phases involve sports, arts, education and recreation activities for local residents.


Philippi Village is a joint venture between Business Activator and the Bertha Foundation – a global philanthropic foundation. 

The Bertha Foundation dreams of a more just world and supports forms of activism that aim to bring about change. We champion those using media, law and enterprise as tools to achieve their vision. We envision a society where stories come from many different voices, where law is used as a tool for justice and where business delivers positive social impact. We work with a network of people who we believe can change the world – activists working with storytellers and lawyers. While powerful on their own, we also look for opportunities for leaders to collaborate across portfolios.

Business Activator is a non-profit organization that relies on donor funding to provide free business support services to entrepreneurs. Through its partnership with the Bertha Foundation grant funding has been raised to develop the first Phase of Philippi Village – The Business Hub (6000 sqm), which allows local businesses to become tenants. Business Activator incubates and provides meaningful support to small businesses and has a vested interest in developing property for local businesses it wants to service and to meaningfully grow entrepreneurs on its doorstep.


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Location Philippi, Cape Town, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic