Startup World Cup 2019

Passion Incubator is the exclusive regional partner of Startup World Cup

The competition aims to promote and develop the entrepreneurial creativity of startups able and willing to disrupt the status-quo, to showcase their ground-breaking products or services, to gain visibility across government officials, local, regional and international investors and industry titans, and to secure financial and business support in the stages of scaling and growth.

In 2019, the startup world cup invites high-growth early-stage startups from all over the world to pitch their innovative business solutions to a well-rounded panel of venture capitalists, angel investors and business development experts, and to compete for investment, maximum media exposure and networking opportunities with enablers and sponsors.



February 9, 2019
Program dates May 17 - Feb 8, 2019
Organizer Passion Incubator
Website Visit website
Targets Nigeria
Sectors Sector agnostic