OXFAM Nigeria / EDC Impact SME’s Development Programme

Generating lasting positive impact through small & medium enterprises

Oxfam believes SMEs have the potential to contribute to sustainable growth through increased employment, higher income and relevant products and services for people living in poverty, particularly small holder farmers, youth and women.

To help SMEs live up to their potential, we know they need more than capital alone. Hence, Oxfam provides tailor made business development services to support SMEs in Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda and Vietnam.

What the program is looking for:
• Sectors of interest & Eligibility: Agriculture (the entire value chain), Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Recycling – specific interest in impact strategies of the company
• Entrepreneurs between ages: 25 – 45 Years
• Annual turnover: N40 million & above –
• No of employees: 10 – 250
• Years of existence: At least 3 years
• We select businesses based on an assessment of their plans, financial potential and on the social impact that they (expect to) deliver for their community.
• Social impact will be monitored consistently from the start and measured over a period of time.
• We expect entrepreneurs to contribute N75,000 of the business development support.

The program offers:
Would you like to further grow your business or you are thinking of how to scale and be investment ready? The Oxfam SME Development program is tailor-made to specifically address those issues and more.

• Tailor-made business development support
• Business repositioning for growth
• A diverse, competitive and investment-readiness approach
• Sustainable business management to increase growth
• Expert consultancy at your organization

Work in Progress! Alliance
The Work in Progress! Alliance is focused on unlocking the economic potential of young men and women in Nigeria, Egypt and Somalia; create jobs and stimulate entrepreneurship by improving the skills of young people, strengthening small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and creating an enabling environment.

Alliance members include Oxfam, Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A), Butterfly Works & IOM.


April 30, 2019
Program dates Jun 1 - Nov 29, 2019
Organizer OXFAM Impact SME’s Development Programme
Website Visit website
Targets Nigeria
Agribusiness, Agritech, Clean technology and energy, EdTech, Food production, HealthTech, Water, sanitation and hygiene