2021 Kampala Impact Day



The Kampala Impact Day is a company fair to showcase 20 alumni of ST4A / members OVO Business Club + 20 social entrepreneurs from the Einstein Rising network with the aim to connect them social entrepreneurs with each other and with a broader audience of NGOs, impact investors and local business angels.

Expected outcomes

  • Development of a co-creation program for different entrepreneur clusters out of the 40exhibitors.
  • Connection of the 16 entrepreneurs who take part in pitching to at least 2 potential investors.


The venue for offline engagement will be Mackinnon Suites Kampala while every element of the event will also be relayed through different online platforms (Zoom, YouTube and Facebook) to other participants around the world.

There will be an exhibition by 40 companies (20 OVO Alumni and 20 ER Alumni) who will set up branded booths to showcase their products and tell their stories to the guests. A virtual exhibition portal will also be set up online for the virtual attendees to be able to explore and interact with the exhibitors.

All visitors at the venue will receive a printed or digital portfolio / overview of all present companies including;

  • 2-minute pitch video made that will be available on the online portfolio/exhibition portal.
  • Clear emphasis on the SDGs to which an entrepreneur contributes.

The day’s events will culminate in a pitch event, award-giving ceremony, and auction for investors.

Organizer: OVO (Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs)

The OVO Acceleration Fund comprises donations from private individuals, businesses and other organizations. The fund uses these donations to provide financial support for social and sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa in the form of low-interest loans. OVO (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) supports these projects with expertise. When the loans mature these budgets are returned to the Fund, thereby enabling new projects to be financed. A single donation to the Fund, therefore, has an impact on multiple projects. The aim of the fund is to provide financial support for African entrepreneurs who have little or no access to the financial markets.

Co-Organizer: Einstein Rising

Einstein Rising is a Business accelerator for Africa’s social entrepreneurs. Our specialized curriculum, free courses, mentorship, and access to investors guide the next generation of wealth creators and change-makers to build companies to beat the biggest challenges of our time. It’s about creating profitable ways to bring about permanent solutions to entrenched environmental and humanitarian obstacles.


Mar 31, 2021: 10:00 - 20:30
Organizer Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OVO)
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Kampala, Uganda
Targets Uganda
Sectors Sector agnostic