Openner Accelerator

Celebrating entrepreneurship.


Globally networked. locally operated, each location has its own developed innovation ecosystem, and industry clusters and focus. Founders emerge from the program with defensible, scalable ventures and with potential to be category-defining market leaders and improve regional economic growth.

Venture Development

Our accelerator program sessions are designed to help founders make sound decisions through rapid innovation experiments in 24 sessions over 90 days.

Mentors and subject matter experts are matched providing an experiential critical context experience. Based on insights learned from the program, founding teams implement the strategies, and get resources from us as well for tactical help, and execution.

Accelerator process

  1. App Submission
  2. Pitch
  3. Due Diligence
  4. Terms
  5. Funding
  6. Setup
  7. Execution
  8. Demo Day
  9. Graduation
  10. Growth
  11. Capital Raise On-Going
  12. Continuous Support

The startup blueprint

The Openner Global Mentor Network is a highly curated and specialized mentor group dedicated to helping founders in our Openner Accelerators thrive. Startup founders develop relationships with the participating mentors for guidance in growing their ventures and developing custom strategies through the local accelerators.

We not only teach battle-tested best practices and tried and proven methodologies to blueprint startups for scalable and defensible success, but they are tested in the market, and startups are held to rigorous deliverables and metrics. They work hands-on with venture mentors, peers, and accelerator leadership to define strategies, test them, and iterate on their business models, practicing the mindset of the market over product.

Battle-hardened expert strategists giving back and helping founders develop into leaders in their industries.


December 31, 2020
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Targets Egypt
Sectors Sector agnostic