Net Zero Challenge

Using open data to advance climate action

What is this?

The Net Zero Challenge is a global competition to answer the following question:

How can you advance climate action using open data?

Our aim is to identify, promote and support innovative, practical and scalable uses of open data that can:

  • understand climate risks
  • track climate progress
  • enable informed climate action, or
  • evaluate climate impact.

We want to hear from individuals, groups and organizations.

You can apply with a project you are already working on or a concept for something you want to develop in the future.

The first stage of the Net Zero Challenge is a ‘Virtual Pitch Contest’.

The prize for this ‘pitch’ stage of the Net Zero Challenge is $1,000 USD – to support the development of your idea.

How do I apply?

The Net Zero Challenge launches on Friday 29th January 2021.

All applications must be received by Friday 12th March 2021 at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco time). Late submissions will not be accepted.

Applications will be reviewed and a shortlist of applicants invited to pitch their idea to a panel of experts at a ‘Virtual Pitch Contest’.

Pitches will take the form of a public 3-minute presentation by video conference, followed by Q&A from our panel of experts. ​ Pitches can be live, or prerecorded. Q&A will be live.

Email to receive Net Zero Challenge updates.


March 12, 2021
Organizer Open Knowledge Foundation
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