Open Ideo

We bring people together to create a better world

OpenIDEO puts the power of human-centered design in the hands of many.


We Design for Good

Design thinking is in our genes. For decades, IDEO has pioneered the human-centered design approach to solving complex problems. In 2010, IDEO asked—how might we open up our method, enabling people everywhere to spark innovation where it’s needed most? Our answer: OpenIDEO.


We Practice Open Innovation

We believe to solve today’s complex problems, there need to be better ways to come together, share ideas, and coordinate action around the globe. We built an open innovation model because it allows us to do just that: help people worldwide break barriers, find support, and iterate on the ideas of many to create real change.


We Bring People Together

Good people are the key to progress, which is why we work to bring them together in San Francisco and around the world. We invest in community because we’ve seen that creating spaces for people to share their diverse skills and perspectives accelerates the journey to impact.


We Work Toward Impact

Over the years, the OpenIDEO community has engaged hundreds of thousands of people in over 200 countries and territories, generating nearly 19,000 ideas for good. Activating a passionate, diverse group of people has powerful results—whether you’re building solutions, enlisting new stakeholders, or encouraging aspiring innovators. With your support, we are designing a better future together.


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