1%Student Battle

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Be part of the 1%Student Battle 2016!

After two successful editions in 2014 & 2015, Accenture & 1%Club will once again in 2016 organise the 1%Student Battle!

During the 1%Student Battle students commit their knowledge and skills to your project or business. In three months they work to solve an interesting business case for your project or business while also helping you raise funds.

The 10 selected student teams will go head to head for the grand prize: a €3000 award and a trip to your project so that they can actually implement their solution for your business case.

As a project owner you will have an enthusiastic team of students at your service that thinks substantively about how to take your organisation to the next level. As a bonus, they will also set up a crowdfunding campaign to help you raise funds. Last year the winning team raised over €5000 for the project/business owner.

So what does the 1%Student Battle look like?

  • January 2016 | Preparations and selection of projects/businesses.
  • February 2016 – March 2016 | Recruitment & selection of student teams. 
  • April 11th 2016 | Start of the 1%Student Battle 2016!
  • May 12th 2016 | Co-Creation event
  • June 17th 2016 | Grand final

What we expect from you as a project owner once you’re selected as one of the finalists:

–  Some time in the last two weeks of March you will need to create a campaign page for your project/business on our website.
–  From April 11th until June 17th you are available for weekly meet-ups (via phone/Skype/Facetime etc.) with the team to discuss their progress. You will get to give your feedback and advice to help further their solution.

–  Some time in the last two weeks of April, the teams will film an introductory video. We also want to include you so you’ll need to be available in that period to film a short clip.
–  During the inspiring co-creation on Thursday May 12th 2016 the students together with a team of Accenture employees will work to solve 80% of your business case. You will need to be available all day to call/Skype/Facetime etc. to give your input and share your thoughts on the results.
–  The final takes place on Friday June 17th in the afternoon. The teams will present their results to an expert jury which will then decide who will be chosen as the winner. You will need to be available via phone/Skype/Facetime etc. between 2 PM and 5 PM (GMT+1) to join the final.

You will receive an overview of the exact details and dates upon your selection.

How to join

  1. Send us a short description of the business case for your project that the students together with Accenture consultants could work on. Below you will find the application form. A suitable case (or challenge) is a question related to strategy, logistics, HRM, training, supply chain or technology.

  2. Include a short video with your motivation: why should Accenture and 1%Club select your business case for the 1%Student Battle?

The deadline to apply is Friday January 22nd 2016, 12 PM GMT+1.

If you have any other questions about the 1%Student Battle, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@onepercentclub.com

Let’s Battle! 


January 22, 2016
Program dates Feb 1 - Jun 17, 2016
Organizer 1%Club
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