Nyala Venture

A financing and support facility with a priority for Gender-Lens investing


Nyala aims to contribute to strengthening economies by providing capital and capacity-building services to Local Capital Providers with a priority for gender-lens investing.

Local Capital Providers – because they are rooted in their markets – are best equipped to strengthen Small and Growing Businesses, the most important business segment in any economy, of which a large portion are female-led and/or owned businesses. They excel at deal sourcing, know the distinct financing and capacity needs of SGBs, and embark on innovative financing structures to accommodate these needs. However, Local Capital Providers’ innovative financing structures also hinder their access to investment capital to grow their portfolio, prove their models and reach impact at scale.

Nyala enables them to do so by providing initial capital and targeted support towards operational excellence and therefore access to larger sums of market-based capital.


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Location Senegal
Targets Sub-Saharan Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (1)
5. Gender Equality