North-West University Enterprising Women Program

The Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University recently launched its Enterprising Women Programme to assist female entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and realise their business dreams.

The EDC is committed to not only provide female entrepreneurs with the skills to grow their businesses, but also to serve as a platform from where these businesses can be launched as long-term building blocks for economic sustainability.

According to research, female entrepreneurs comprise less than eight percent of the world’s population, however, there are more of them worldwide than men.  In South Africa it is estimated that half of the entrepreneurial population is female. Interesting then that very few success stories about entrepreneurial South African women – who will be an inspiration to anyone who believes that they have what it takes to become successful – are known.

The Enterprising Women Programme is an eight month programme geared to provide business support services to women who wish to establish their own businesses.  During the course of the programme, participants will be taken through a programme to explore ideas, develop business models and subsequently initiative their businesses with confidence and entrepreneurial know-how.

According to Mr Johan Landsberg, manager of the EDC, an enterprising woman can be described as an individual who dares to think big, take calculated leaps, and follow their dreams.

“An enterprising woman works hard every day to bring her dreams to fruition,” explains Mr Landsberg and adds that this drive to succeed is fuelled by the quest to support not only her immediate family but also the community at large.  “Individually and together, enterprising women have the potential to create positive change – regionally, nationally and internationally, and by doing so contribute towards the strength and sustainability of the country’s economic well-being.”


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Location Hendrik Van Eck Blvd, Vanderbijlpark S. E. 3, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa
Targets South Africa
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