National Industrial Research and Development Agency

Reinventing industires

The National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA), is a government institution that has been mandated with a mission to enable a generation of industrial innovators to become competitive through technology monitoring, acquisition, development and transfer & applied research.


What we do

NIRDA is a service-based institution that provides an array of support services aimed at;

  • Improving the competitiveness of existing industries in order to increase their export potential or their potential to undertake import substitution.
  • Identifying new sub-sectors or value chains where investment by the private sector would likely lead to export growth or import substitution.

How we do it

NIRDA employs a targeted value chain approach that focuses on the full range of activities required to bring about a product or service from conception, through the different phases of production, delivery to final consumers and beyond.
NIRDA does this through a three-pronged programmatic approach; Open calls programs, Knowledge Management and Applied Research and Development Facilities (STEM and Life Sciences Labs).



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Location Kigali City Tower, KN 2 Street, Kigali, Rwanda
Targets Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic