Neycha Accelerator & Fund

Support agroecological enterprises in East Africa

The Neycha Accelerator & Fund (Neycha) advances food system innovators and entrepreneurs who are working toward a more regenerative and agroecological food production and contributing to a more holistic and circular agrifood economy in East Africa.

Why Agroecological Enterprises?

Neycha believes agroecological enterprises play a key role in the transformation towards a more agroecological and regenerative food system by:

  • Providing key inputs to farmers practicing agroecology, including agroecological knowledge, seeds, organic pesticides, etc.
  • Producing or processing healthy food by practising Agroecology, including large agroecological farms.
  • Acting as key output markets for farmers practising agroecology including processors, retail outlets, markets, restaurants, hotels and more.
  • Connecting farmers and consumers and ensuring access to healthy & nutritious food for all.
  • Generating local value and resilient localized food systems.


Agroecological Enterprises, with a clear agroecological passion, impact and vision. They could
be operating anywhere along the  agriculture value chain(see below) and are supporting farmers to transition to agroecology or are promoting the 13 principles of Agroecology, including:

  • Organic input supply and pre-production support for farmers practicing agroecology
  • Entrepreneurial farms practicing agroecology beyond a single farm.
  • Purchasing, trading and marketing agroecological produce.
  •  Processing agroecological produce.
  • Retailing agroecological produce and products e.g supermarkets, other types of markets.
  • Promoting consumption of agroecological produce and products e.g restaurants, hotels,

Additional Business Criteria

  • Registered For Profit private enterprise operating in Uganda and/or Kenya
  • Business is at least 3 years old and is past pilot stage with an existing customer base and sales generating at least USD 40,000(or equivalent in Uganda shillings or Kenyan shillings) in annual revenue.
  • The business has a clear market opportunity and strong value proposition matching this opportunity – its okay if this is not fully and clearly outlined. What we care about is a viable business model. 
  • The business is profitable or has a clear path to profitability. We care about having a viable business model. 
  • The business has at least 3 years audited books or 24 months management accounts
  • The business has a clear 2-3 year growth plan. This does not need to be fully and clearly outlined for example through a business plan. 
  • The business is interested in building their capacity and attracting capital to achieve their growth plan. 

About the Team

  • The founder(s) are passionate about agroecology or the principles of agroecology. You do not need to have been aware of agroecology before as long as you are passionate about the idea and the principles of agroecology.
  • Locally led team – at least one of the founders is a Ugandan or Kenyan.
  • The business has at least 2 other employees, with at least one founder working full-time on the business.
  • The founders are entrepreneurial – risk-takers, problem solvers, ambitious and interested in building a successful business.
  • The founder(s) are ready to commit to a partnership with Neycha to grow the impact and success of their Agroecological Enterprise.
  • The founder(s) have prior business and startup experience, ideally closely related to the
    current business – however, this is a nice to have and not having this will not prevent your selection.


  • Tailored business training, mentorship and business coaching from top business and agroecology experts focused on strengthening your business model, strengthening your value chain, developing a clear growth plan, strengthening your agroecological impact,
    and more. 
  • Get capital of between USD 10,000-USD 50,000 tailored to your business needs
  • Linkages to markets
  • Connect with other key stakeholders


July 10, 2023
Organizer Neycha Accelerator & Fund
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