Financiamiento para emprendimientos indígenas en Perú

Amazon Indigenous Rights and Resources


May 21
Jun 7
Nesst Investor
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Call for Indigenous Enterprises and Enterprises in Peru

We are in search of indigenous enterprises and enterprises that improve the quality of life of indigenous communities through commercial operations and value the biodiversity of the Amazon forests in a sustainable way.

The Benefits


Direct financing of up to $30,000. These will be delivered in the form of a donation, which will be invested in activities described in a Work Plan that will be worked with NESST.

Business and commercial accompanying

The selected initiative will receive customized and tailored training and advice for approximately 6-12 months to:

  • Increasing market access
  • Improving business management and preparing for investment
  • Getting co-financing
  • Measuring business, social and environmental performance

Being part of a Network of Indigenous Embraces

Connecting with different communities and initiatives in the Amazon region that seek to bring the positive impact to scale and be part of the Indigenous Emptortures Network.

Call open until 21 May 2021

If you have any questions or queries, you can also contact us at 921 807 347 or with one of our allies, click here for contact details.

Alternative option: Download the form HERE and send it to the mail: