Mentorship - Open requests

Entrepreneurs with a registered venture profile on VC4A have the ability to submit a request for mentorship support. Once these requests are screened and posted it’s up to one of the VC4A mentors to step forward and to see what can be done to assist.

Find below an overview of entrepreneurs on VC4A who are looking for support from a mentor. Click on the title to get more information.

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Recherche de Mentors

Nous souhaitons avoir un ou des mentors qui vont nous accompagner dans ce projet . Nous sommes conscients que le chemin sera long . Mais nous attondons d'eux des conseils , des orientations , en un mot du coaching aussi. ...

Logo of AnnaRoogle AnnaRoogle • February 6, 2019

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Advisory Board Members

We're seeking Advisory Board members (3-5) with interest in the Pan-African Market Space. These individuals should have expertise in ICT or Digital Transformation to provide advisory to the Founder and Leadership Team members based in New York, NY. We're very ...

• January 15, 2019

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Capacity building

We are into Managing Business for the first time, hence developing a good Pitch for Investors is still a big challenge for Us having a mentor in place shall be very beneficial for my Enterprise.

Logo of Powering Young Initiatives Powering Young Initi… • January 7, 2019