We accelerate your business

mentorDay is a non-profit, private and independent association, made up of businessmen and volunteer professionals and collaborating public organizations that help all entrepreneurs, free of charge, to successfully launch their business projects and create quality employment.

We provide everything your new company needs to be successful:

Experts, Advice, Support, Access to financing, Investors, Mentors, Advisors, Visibility, Contacts, Training, Improvement of personal skills, community…

We are the first impact accelerator and one of the first accelerators in Spain. We help all entrepreneurs around the world, especially Europe, LATAm and Africa (we have alumni in 30 countries), we cover all sectors!!


  1. Over 18 years old.
  2. People 100% committed and dedicated to promoting your business project.

Entrepreneurs begin to receive personalized assistance as soon as they register and we know their needs well.

We study the needs of each project to be able to offer you the most appropriate help!! For each registered person, we analyze 200 critical points before determining which experts and TIPs are most appropriate to help them, taking advantage of the fact that we have the largest community of experts.

Each registrant promotes their project for a month by practicing with daily 30-minute training pills (TIPs, practical advice from experts that you should apply in your project) selected according to their needs.

When they surpass the appropriate level, they are invited to participate in one of the acceleration programs that we organize every month.

We adapt to the individual needs of each entrepreneur, offering a different and personalized program according to the current phase of their project (internationalization, growth, launch, validation, idea), degree of innovation, previous experience and knowledge).


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