MEDO (Meta Economic Development Organization)

MEDO stands for the Meta Economic Development Organisation and we are involved with Economic Development of all spheres. In short, you can find our goals and missions in our motto: Building the economy one job at a time. 

Enterprise, Supplier and Socio Economic Development

Since 2011 we have taken 71 small business trade delegations to London to further international trade with our International Trade programmes. We have assisted 800 micro enterprises grow and create jobs with our various supplier development programmes. Then, we have assisted 1000s of people to find opportunities to create their own jobs with our community focused foundation business workshops using our mobile learning centre, Treppie.

We have an archive of successful entrepreneurs who started their business growth journey with us as well as an arsenal of business relationships between major corporates and entrepreneurs.

Young Women in STEM:

In our endeavour to build the economy one job at a time by working with entrepreneurs ready to engage in international trade, those wanting to supply to corporates and even persons merely looking to start a business, we have realised that we need to engage earlier than the startup phase. In order to truly have an effect on the economy, we need to engage at school level.

So we have launched our newest programme, a Young Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme a year ago that is focused on developing the technical skills and innovative mindsets of young women between grades 9-11 to encourage them to pursue STEM subjects and careers.


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Location Cape Town, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic