“Escalar el Impacto 2022”

Investment programme for triple impact entrepreneurs

This program is for those who want to scale.

Who is going to be addressed?

To entrepreneurs with focus on socio-environmental transformation, with a team of socixs solid and committed to its purpose,   with sales and sustained growth over the last two years, with vision of regional growth, with management oriented to excellence and with the desire to paste a leap in its scale and its impact through the incorporation of financing.

How is the methodology?

For 4 months the management of the entrepreneurial team will receive advice from experts in finance, complemented by 5 group meetings of those who are participating in the program.

The modality will be 100% virtual, beginning in August until November. Coordination and facilitation will be conducted by Mayma’s management, financial advisory and advisory board.

What are the goals?

What participating entrepreneurs:

  • Reaffirm or re-define a clear strategy for growth and consolidation of your companies
  • Projected economically and financially your companies into the future, encouraging you to take that leap to consolidate and grow
  • Define your company’s valuation, the type of financing you need, and the estimated projection  
  • familiarize with the technology and terminology of investments
  • Prepare your presentation to investors as well as your financial deck
  • Tell you with the opportunity to present yourself to the Mayma Investor Circle

Why Mayma?

The purpose of Mayma 16 years ago is to promote a regenerative, inclusive and conscious economy through the accompaniment of impact businesses.

In the face of the urgency we experience as humanity, we bet to attract impact financing to entrepreneurs from the Mayma Community for accelerate its consolidation and growth, multiplying our social, environmental, and economic impact by strengthening the New Regenerative Economy that we want to see in our country and in the region.

Why Banco Galicia?

From Banco Galicia seek to empower the entrepreneurial spirit, through lines of action that provide tools so that more people can develop an economic activity with a focus on sustainable development.

With this alliance, it is proposed to promote the development of the ecosystem of entrepreneurs with triple impact in order to strengthen the Sustainable development of the economy and society in general.


Value of the Program “Escalate the Impact” in case of being selected @: $190,000 Argentine pesos (we have up to 4 quotas without interest)

Review the brochure here:  https://bit.ly/3nDeWVV


July 10, 2022
Organizer MAYMA
Website Visit website
Targets Argentina
Sectors Sector agnostic