Mawazo Innovation Hub

Talent. Innovation. Opportunity.

The Mawazo Innovation Hub, a division of NFT Consult, was established to support emerging Next Generation ICT businesses through accelerated technology commercialization. The Mawazo Innovation Hub has created a unique space for high-tech entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and venture capitalists to meet, network and collectively work towards growing the Ugandan economy through innovation. Its value-adding business support services contribute to the growth and globalization of technology-rich enterprises in an environment that promotes innovation and enhances competitiveness for knowledge-based The close proximity of the Mawazo Innovation Hub to Makerere University Kampala, Uganda’s largest institution of higher learning, has positioned it to provide value-added services to the academics and researchers and emerging high-tech entrepreneurs from the University.

Who we are

Our Vision
To be the principal agency responsible for catalyzing innovative solutions to the social and economic challenges of the East African Region;

The realization of the above vision will require the strategic application of resources towards the provision of a spectrum of physical and non-physical systems, platforms and associated programs that support organizations in exploiting their innovative and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Our Mission
To promote East Africa’s socio-economic development in targeted sectors through innovation by;

Creating new business opportunities and adding value to mature companies in technology and knowledge-based sectors;

  • Fostering entrepreneurship and incubating new innovative companies;
  • Providing attractive spaces for emerging knowledge companies;
  • Ensuring human capacity development of critical skills matching industry needs in priority sectors;
  • Enhancing the synergy between industry, government, academic and research institutions. It is thus the strategic intent of The Mawazo Innovation Hub to establish and manage an enabling environment and initiatives to support innovation, enterprise development and human capability expansion, in targeted sectors, in order to contribute towards the growth of the Ugandan economy, creation of decent jobs and poverty alleviation.

In working towards the achievement of the mandate and vision set out above, The Mawazo Innovation Hub subscribes to the following values, aligned to the NFT Group Values.


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Location Makerere, Kampala, Uganda
Targets Uganda
Sectors Sector agnostic