Africa 3.0

Using tech to seal the insurance gap

Africa 3.0 will provide the first platform for tech startups specifically in health, fintech, agriculture, and frontier InsurTech to collaborate with incumbents on the subject of problems facing the insurance sector.

Sealing the insurance gap requires development of new markets and the products to serve them.


Can the Cloud improve resilience +final inclusion?
This session will address the challenges with cloud infrastructure in Africa. Specifically, it will focus on how important the cloud is in order to enable tech to scale, both for startups and corporates. Leading cloud technology providers will address the cultural challenges they are facing and the collaboration opportunities that this issue presents.

UK-African Partnerships
The UK’s GREAT campaign will be leading this session – tbc.

InsurTech for Good
One of the most important themes of the event, this will delve into the unprecedented opportunities and challenges offered by InsurTech in addressing some of the insurance industry’s greatest challenges in the context of global phenomenon’s such as climate change. This session will discuss how, why and if a combination of insurance and tech can help solve some of these issues, whilst at the same time generating commercial opportunities for the sector.

Funding and scaling StartUps
From venture capital, corporate venture and angel investing – there is a wide range of funding options available to startups, what do they need to know and what are the best sources of funding for them?

Corporate + StartUp partnerships
This session will look at what works and what doesn’t – partnerships between corporates and startups are paramount to success in the insurance sector, one cannot thrive without the other. This presents enormous opportunities for early adopters but partnerships do need to be put in place that can support the ambitions of both parties.

Convergence of wider tech into insurance:
FinTech – AgTech – HealthTech– ClimateTech – GeoSpatial
Startups and established tech firms from across fintech, agtech, healthtech, climatetech and geo-spatial will be demonstrating how their technologies and exepertise are influencing the insurance value chain.

Africa 3.0 Conference


Jul 7, 2020: 8:00 - 20:00
Organizer Market Minds
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Location Nairobi Kenya
Elgon Road, Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
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