Network of Impact Investors


We are the community of providers of capital-human, intellectual and financial-committed to reaching solutions of greater impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.  


We are a team convinced that Latin America is a region full of opportunities and we are committed to contributing in a determined way to reduce the poverty and inequality gap in the Region and contribute to the implementation of the SDGs, so we are ready to support people and organizations from across the region who are in a position of leadership and who have the opportunity and the will to generate social and environmental change.

We believe that the difference enriches us and allows us to build, to know inspiring projects, to help organizations that have a genuine interest in improving the quality of life in the region, to learn every day about the innovative routes and tools that have the potential to generate impact, true and sustained.

We have the motivation to make things happen and take the steps and learn on the way! Move from an inert ecosystem to an active, collaborative and willing to action, that breaks out of old visions and proposes practical tools that change the structures that cause these problems. All are welcome to build. There is no solution, there are ways to add and contribute to achieve collective solutions!

This is Latimpact, our Latin American airport that connects and provides knowledge to ensure greater social and environmental impact! We are convinced that Latimpact was born to transform Latin America.

What is Latimpact?

We are a community that:

  • Prizes the achievement of social and environmental impact
  • Opera at regional level. We are 100% Latin American, based in the region and with Latin American leadership and governance
  • Mobilizes diverse social capital providers to ensure a more effective deployment of financial and non-financial resources
  • Supports leading organizations that have the will to generate positive, sustainable and long-term changes in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Impresses knowledge of value and connections between actors in the region and international

We are part of a family of networks!


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Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (2)
1. No Poverty, 10. Reduced Inequality