Kometsi Telecommunications


Kometsi TechPark and Cyberlabs is a high Research and Development Vehicle for CyberSecurity Solutions, HyperConverged Infrastructure, Network Storage, Large Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Clean Energy and SuperComputing.

Our main focus will be on Quantum Computing and the application of Neural Networks to Deep Learning. I am fascinated by the application of the Geometry and Topology of Protein Structures to computing and this is one of the future works that will lead to studies in physical infrastructure and software. 

Our work on Massively Densified Networks and ways to build them will be further refined at Kometsi CyberLabs and will derive heavily on Mathematical Modeling by recognizing the limitation of discrete models and the growing complexity that comes with IoT, Customer Centric deployments and Convergence. 

The above are the tools we will use in our solution space. Our primary focus is FinTech, InsuTech, RegTech, SmartAgric


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Location Fairgrounds Offices Gaborone
Targets Botswana, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia
Agribusiness, Banking, Clean technology, E-commerce, EdTech, Financial services, Healthcare, HealthTech, Insurance, Real estate, Telecom, Utilities, Water, sanitation and hygiene